7 Benefits of Cloud Computing

As more assets are being transferred online, businesses are contemplating the value of adding more storage space. One of the old methods was having the in-house infrastructure to house the digital assets and information, but that leads to a significant IT management cost as outlined by Alliance Tech Partners to maintain these systems. As a result of these costs, businesses are now shifting their focus towards cloud computing to handle servers, storage, databases, networking, software and analytics, to name a few. 

Cloud computing has to make sense for your business. However, if you have punched the numbers and are considering the shift, here are seven ways how cloud computing could benefit your business. 

1. Cloud Computing Analysis

Your data is well organized through even using cloud-based services, but some do not realize that this can be analyzed too. You can have a strategic and statistical breakdown of your business operations within your cloud. This allows you to adjust to your storage and how you process the data based on your business demands and the market conditions. 

Business Owner Reviewing Cloud Analytics

2. Cloud Computing's Easy Backup Recovery

Every now and again, disaster can strike. Servers can crash entirely, and essential data can be lost. However, having a backup that is not in-house and in the cloud allows you to pick up where you or your team left off. Within minutes, all information is restored and work can start again without delays to your business, and most importantly, your clients. 

Cloud Computing Backup Code On Screen

3. Cloud Computing's Effortless management 

You can keep your hands off the steering wheel for this one. The service provider can manage your cloud computing, so only a little maintenance is needed on your end. You get the guaranteed and timely delivery of the service without spending too much time figuring it out and how to apply it. 

Empty Conference Cloud Technology Firm's Conference Room

4. Cloud Computing Saves You Money

Developers can maintain your applications or tech without worrying about putting strain on your in-house infrastructure. This lowers your operation costs and allows your organization to work on the products and services that matter. The big up-front investments of in-house IT infrastructure are over. With a pay-as-you-go plan, you only pay for what is absolutely necessary for your business. 

Cloud Computing Savings

5. Flexibility In Cloud Computing's Mobility

The mobility of cloud storage allows your team to connect from anywhere. You can reach your whole team and they can access the information they require effortlessly. This bodes well especially considering the remote work environments that are only becoming more and more commonplace, as Forbes outlines in their article, This is The Future of Remote Work in 2021. Cloud computing allows your business that required flexibility, so the remote environment never becomes a concern for you.

Macbook Pros Showing Cloud Computing Metrics

6. Cloud Computing's Easy Scaling

One of the perks of a pay-as-you-use platform such as cloud computing is that you can increase or decrease the size as your business demands it. Some businesses are predicated on certain seasons that bring in higher revenue, and all have different cycles. Some will experience unexpected and rapid growth, so it is important that your cloud can easily scale when these instances do occur. 

Employer Reviewing Cloud Computing Usage

7. Cloud Computing's Speed

Your team doesn't have to work through finding the right contact or reaching them to get access to the information they need. All your employee needs is a few passwords, and access to the cloud is effortless. 

Cloud Computing Processor Moving at Lightspeed

What’s The Cloud Computing Solution For My Business?

Every business will have different needs, but the benefits stay relatively similar regardless of if you are a startup, mid-sized or enterprise. If you are unsure of which cloud to go with, whether that be private, public, hybrid or multi, LT3 ATG can assist you with our technology consulting services to ensure that you make the right choice for your business. Sometimes, you want to learn more to see if this makes sense for your business before talking to us. Feel free to visit our cloud computing page to learn more.