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Build a Container Deposit System with LT3 Advanced Technology Group

Experts in Container Deposit Systems

We have over a decade of global experience building retail, operational, and transportation systems that increase the effectiveness of recycling beverage containers.

From the Great White North to Down Under

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Global Expertise

We operate software across multiple provinces and states in Canada and Australia, and know the ins-and-outs of the various bottle bill legislations.

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Forward Thinking

We are constantly developing new ideas for the industry through our proprietary research and development projects.

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Over a Decade of Experience

We know the pros and cons of a multitude of collection methods and technologies. We build for existing and new container deposit systems.

From consumer to processor, and back again.

Tracking low-value, high-volume product through a network of touchpoints to achieve target recovery rates is no easy task.

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Drop & Go
Drop & Go goes by many names, but is essentially the service of allowing customers to drop their bags at a collection location for counting and payment at a later time. We have experience with multiple variations of this model, and understand the pros and cons of each. Drop verification can be easily completed with any of scanning, mobile GPS coordinates, or images, with payment credited to an online account.
Tracking high-volume pickups from collection points to end processors can be challenging. We understand many nuances of transportation, including scheduling, routing, compaction, supplies, chain-of-custody, and audit selection.
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Mobile Collection
Consumer-facing mobile collection is relatively novel in many jurisdictions. With each jurisdiction, new challenges emerge in infrastructure, weather, and types of eligible containers. We have designed a flexible system focused on the customer experience that can be deployed to any jurisdiction.
Building off the Drop & Go model as a flexible collection point, these retrofitted sea cans are an ideal lightweight, non permanent solution that can be placed in high traffic areas such as a mall or grocery store parking lot.
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Visual representation of Point of Return (POR)
Point of Return (POR)
Dedicated collection points and counting facilities, like bottle depots, require software to facilitate and streamline operations. Many flavours of this software exist, with varying functionality and scalability that is dependent on the collection point.
System Data, Accounting, and Reporting
Every container deposit scheme requires strong core data, financial accounting, and a reporting system. In this industry with low margins and high volume, keeping track of billions of containers each year with minimal effort is essential.
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