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Mobile Booking Engine

Customer appointments and workforce deployment, automated

Travelling Salesman? Never heard of him. A fully-integrated customer acquisition and retention platform, complete with routing and scheduling, payments, iOS and Android apps, and most importantly, your brand.

Acquire, service, and retain your customers. Anywhere.

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Optimized Routing & Scheduling

On-location or on-the-go, our proprietary algorithms automatically schedule and deploy your workforce in the most efficient way based on the criteria you select.

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Branded iOS + Android Apps

Get your brand in front of your customers through the Google Play and Apple App Store.

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Customer feedback loops

Notifications, ratings, reviews, and referrals are all part of the customer experience that drives both retention and new acquisitions.

Fully functional workforce deployment in a variety of configurations.

On-demand services? Pre-booked appointments? Shift scheduling? No problem. Your entire operations in one app.

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Customer Registration & Booking
LT3 ATG's applications offer seamless registration and booking for any service that you choose. LT3 ATG ensures a simple step-by-step process so each customer can easily register. We use industry standard UX components to ensure a smooth customer registration and sale.
Ditch the in-person payments (your employees have enough to worry about already!) and let the customer process their own via the app. Issuing a refund? No problem. Need alternative payment methods? Whether it be credit card, Interac e-Transfer, EFT, or cheque, our system can handle it.
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Discounts, Promocodes, Referrals
Customers should be rewarded for their loyalty when using your services, don't you agree? At LT3 ATG, we have created a successful incentive model that allows the flexibility to reward customers for their loyalty with discounts and promo codes. Friendly referrals? Yup, those too.
We have robust dashboards that offer a breakdown of your customers, sales, and operational activities. We can also generate ad-hoc reports or build in new ones to compliment the out-of-the-box reporting.
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Email Marketing
One of the keys to any brand's success is a robust email marketing system. Through your app opt-ins, customers get the choice to participate in each campaign. The incentives? New promo codes, discounts, and referral bonuses. Email marketing strategies are perfectly tailored to your app and customer.
Need highly-optimized shortest-path algorithms over a high number of destinations? Our routing engine has proprietary routing algorithms and route clustering technology that ensures your mobile workforce reduces transit time.
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Real-time GPS & Efficiency Tracking
Curious where your driver or service provider is on the road? Want to track their efficiency? Our logistics engine has robust GPS and efficiency tracking built into your app. The result? You can track your mobile workforce and monitor performance with the click of a few buttons.
Mobile Training & App
Deploying a mobile workforce, or even adding technology to an already-mobile workforce can be a challenge. We offer training services on the apps we build to help with the transition.
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