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Digital Marketing with LT3 Advanced Technology Group

Hire and fire your ad dollars

Data-driven performance metrics to maximize advertising spend across search engines, display networks, social media, and email.

Engage with customers where you're most likely to find them.

Display networks that work. icon
Display networks that work.

We help you compete intelligently in display network markets through research and monitoring.

Crush your SEO. icon
Crush your SEO.

Page speed, backlinks, relevant text...the list goes on, and changes frequently. We keep up with the search engines so you don't have to.

Dial in the social media. icon
Dial in the social media.

Curate an image for your brand that customers want to be a part of. Leverage high-engagement posts in advertising campaigns.

A science-based approach to advertising.

Experiments are good. With instant and detailed tracking of the customer journey, we can quickly ditch the ineffective ideas and double-down on the good ones.

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Ad Creation
Ad creation provides a meaningful connection point for your customers, while enhancing your brand image and overall reputation. We carefully curate ad messaging to hit your target market and drive engagement.
Digital Advertising
Digital advertising is an online extension of your real-life sales pitch. In combination with your website, web applications and SEO, digital advertising can help attract new customers. With wonderful tools such as segmentation for specific audience targeting, you can always place your ads where they will have the best return on investment.
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Media + Public Relations
Deploying public relations tools like press releases, media advisories, conferences, and media kits can garner (free) professional media attention. Promoting new products or services in this manner can give extra credibility to your brand in the eyes of your customers.
Search Engine Optimization
Organic search is a significant part of your website performance, boosting your credibility in a cost-effective manner. Elite SEO provides a competitive advantage by increasing your reach through higher natural search rankings and reducing the cost of advertising.
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Visual representation of Social Media Management
Social Media Management
Social media management is essential to your marketing, brand, image, and reputation. Through proper social media management, you can create consistent brand content that is meaningful and relevant to your audience while establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

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