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What Is Software Development?

Software development is rooted deeply in computer science and is defined as a dedication to developing, customizing and installing software on multiple platforms. Software is a baseline that tells a computer what to do, and most importantly, when to do it.

To make software development a smooth experience, you need programmers, software engineers, and software developers to work in unison in their methodology, requirements, design work, modelling, construction, testing, deploying and most importantly, in the management and measurement regarding the success of your project. The chemistry between these individuals is essential to your success.

The History Of Software Development

The earliest software iterations can be traced back to 1948, which Tom Kilburn first designed to perform mathematical calculations using machine code instructions. After this, many computers were programmed using punch cards that would indicate machine code instructions. From there, the first coding language, Fortran, was created in 1957. Over the next couple of decades, codes like Cobol, BASIC, Pascal and C arrived.

In the 70s and 80s, the software scene began to explode, especially with the arrival of personal computers such as the Apple II and the IBM PC, which took hold of the market.

The 90s saw the release of the first publicly available smartphone made by IBM, followed swiftly by the Pal OS, and the very first release of the Blackberry in 1999 closed out the 90s. Then in the 2000s, the first iPhone and very first Android were released.

Types Of Software Development


Front-end software development focuses on the client-side of your sites and applications. Codes commonly used in this area are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular and React. What falls in these codes? Web design, user interface, and user experience design.


While the front end is important from a client engagement perspective, the back-end is just as important as having a great front-end does not matter if none of it renders on the server-side. This also includes development that can process your business logic and provide access to databases, file servers and cloud services. Make no mistake, this is your backbone, and although coding languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript are still used here, Python and PHP are also in the mix.


Desktop development is usually native, will only function on a particular type of operating system and is used on a desktop computer with or without the Internet. Each company will offer their own unique code for making these native applications. For example, .NET and Visual Studio can be used to create Windows software, while iOS platforms require Swift or Xcode to bring it to life.


Web software development is set on creating computer codes that will ultimately be used for user-facing software. The concern is placed on websites with web applications that are running on internet browsers. Codes that are essential to web development are HTML, CSS, and Javascript, which will help integrate content into websites, monitor traffic, performance, and support its functionality.


Mobile software development is predicated on utilizing code that is ultimately used for a mobile device. The concern is placed on mobile devices and can use code that is either native such as Kotlin (Android) or Swift (iOS), or Javascript, which can be applied to multiple platforms.

How Can Software Development Help My Business?

Software development improves your businesses internally by improving your workers’ experiences. Externally, your customer experiences are improved by bringing more customized and innovative experiences. Software development promotes your business, improves your sales and service, increases your consumer engagement, and helps with marketing your business.

How Can LT3 ATG Help My Software Development Dreams?

Customized software always makes a difference internally and externally. At LT3 ATG, we recognize the implications this will have for your business and will assist in ideation, creation, and implementation. Book your free consultation today, and let’s address your software development needs!

Software Development

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