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Overview Of The Logistics Industry

This sector focuses on the transportation and storage of goods from manufacturers to end-users. This industry includes numerous contributors including, truck, rail, couriers, warehousing and more. To do this, the industry instills planning, implementing and controlling procedures while undertaking these endeavours in the form of packaging, documentation, insurance, storage, imports, exports, damage claims, supply chain management, and risk mitigation.

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Key Areas In The Logistics Industry

Supply Chain

This sector is in charge of the entire supply chain, which includes overseeing purchasing, storage, inventory, production, distribution and vendor relations. The main goal of the supply chain is to ensure that all of these facets run smoothly, so the goods and services get from point A to point B.

Warehouse: When storing goods, there needs to be checks and balances to ensure that the stock is maintained. This is important when it comes to processing orders, arranging dispatch and delivery of materials while also ensuring the quantity and quality of the stock in place.


This part of the industry is in charge of monitoring and recording the levels of stock, allocating stock or resources either to storage or for transport while enhancing order and distribution schedules. Additionally, it is inventory’s responsibility to track issues in their area and offer solutions to management.


This sector is in charge of purchasing the goods for the company through communicating and negotiating with suppliers to secure the orders and purchases required while keeping the price competitive. This is done by networking and forging relationships with suppliers, which will help with the bottom line and improve overall operations with the company.


This is logistics on the global scale, where individuals in this sector work on building relationships with global partners to make the international supply chain that they have as smooth and efficient as possible. The awareness of international laws and regulations for each country that is interacted with is essential and will factor into routing, shipping methods and carriers.

Current Challenges In The Logistics Industry

Cutting Transportation Costs

For many logistics companies, transportation can take about a third of the expenses and that is without rising fuel prices.

Improving Business Processes

There is always significant pressure to drive the changes within the framework of the overall operations while balancing financial stability, flexibility and having the ability to take risks when needed all at once.

Improving Supply Chain Visibility

For many companies, there is a need for accurate and full visibility regarding all parts of the supply chain to ensure shipments are following the precise route and schedule. However, they also need flexibility in case something goes wrong, so notifications and alerts are sent to the appropriate parties to remedy the situation on the company and the consumer sides.

Sustainable Logistics Operations

There is a big focus on reducing emissions, especially when it comes to the environmentally-conscious public perspective. This means being up to date on routes and the regulatory bodies that impact effective emission usage.

How Technology Can Solve These Challenges

Technology can make this a lot more simplistic, utilizing services like custom app development to streamline the business processes through simplistic routing dashboards to cut costs in transportation and business processes while being able to visualize the supply chain effortlessly. The combination of app development and data visualization gives companies this opportunity while being able to track their overall carbon footprint to address sustainable logistics operations as well.

How LT3 Can Implement The Tech You Need

At LT3 ATG, we specialize in custom app development that has the flexibility to address all the challenges you face in the logistics industry. With over ten years of app development experience, we can create a custom app that will allow you to visualize everything you need from transportation to business to supply chain if you want your business model to be evaluated to see where technology can make sense for your business book your consultation today!


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