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Overview Of Startups

This is a company that is in the infancy of its operations. These are usually founded by one entrepreneur or a group who sees an opportunity to develop a product or service for which they believe there is the demand to justify it. The challenges are high costs and limited revenue at first, so capital from other sources is usually essential to start. These businesses come with a significant risk, but there is uniqueness in their environments, solid benefits for employees, learning opportunities, and a laser focus on innovation.

Key Types Of Startups


Companies in a niche often belong in this category, such as a tech company. These companies have easy access to the global market, which allows them to receive financial support from potential investors, which will enable them to scale into international companies. Examples of these include Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Each of these startups will hire their workers and use the investor capital to boost the development of their products, services and scale.

Small Business

These are small businesses created by everyday people who use their own funds. They grow at their own pace and might have a website, but that is usually as far as their involvement in technology goes. Examples of these include grocery stores, hairdressers, and bakeries.


Mostly common in the tech and software space, people will design startups from scratch to sell to larger companies in the future. Then, large companies such as Amazon and Uber will buy these startups and reap the benefits.


All people have hobbies and passions. Many people like to make a living on what they are passionate about. This is what you call a lifestyle startup. Examples of this include online dancing or online cooking.


Unlike other startups concerned with their bottom line, these startups have the main goal of doing good in the world. Examples of these include charities and non-profits.

Challenges In Startups


Money can be tight unless you get lucky on a cash perspective from the get-go from sales or your investors, which can delay the progress of product rollouts, hiring or growing your offices.


The demand for your products and services is growing, and with it, you need to scale to match the demand rapidly. You need to strategize, hire employees, focus on your administration and more.


It will be crowded no matter which market you go into, and the competition is always growing. Your rivals will alter their strategies in a bid to compete at a high level with you. One of your best selling points will always come down to differentiation between you and your competition.

How Technology Can Solve These Challenges

New technology can assist in workflow automation and operations management to help keep your costs to a minimum while demonstrating to your investors that you have the proficiency to invest their capital.

When it comes to scaling, investing in new websites that can help you with e-commerce and marketing technology can help you adapt to the demand while having excellent data visualization to know where you need to scale and when will help you gain the edge you need.

To differentiate from the competition, this requires technology to monitor the competition stringently, websites and apps to make your services and products more accessible so your customers are attracted to you and not the competition.

How LT3 ATG Can Implement The Tech You Need

At LT3 ATG, we specialize in creating technology solutions that assist in workflow automation, operations management, e-commerce, marketing, websites and apps. If you are having problems with the cost, scaling, competition or anything else, we have a tech solution that can provide a remedy. Book your consultation today and get your startup a leg up in your industry!


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