Chain of Custody

Visual representation of Authorized Custody Transfers
Authorized Custody Transfers

Visual representation of Inventory Tracking
Inventory Tracking

Visual representation of Inventory Reconciliation
Inventory Reconciliation

Visual representation of Cross Dock Management
Cross Dock Management

Introduction To The System

Chain of Custody is a system to track the movement of recycling products from collection point to processor. In particular, this system has applications for used beverage containers, textiles, and electronics. An app on a handheld device is used to scan product on to trucks, authorize custody transfer, and deliver the product to end processor. This "chain-of-custody" process reduces lost and stolen product and increases accountability to the system parties.

How LT3 Made A Difference For Chain Of Custody

LT3 gathered business requirements, visited site locations, documented operations, designed and built the data model, application layer, and front-end UI. Numerous additions have been made since 2015, including adding textiles and electronics, performance optimizations, and detailed reporting.


Key Industries

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Total Containers Tracked

1.3 billion annually

Collection points


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