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The Future of Recycling is Here

ReCollect is a recycling and fundraising app that allows you to book pickups for your bottles, clothing, mobile phones, and general electronics from the comfort of your own home. Avoiding the bottle depot is an easy 3-step process:

Download & Sign Up

Customers can download the app using the App Store, Google Play, or by using the Website. Whether you are booking a pickup for a commercial establishment, condo, or residential location, ReCollect has you covered.

Book a Pickup

Enter your address, pick a day you want our driver to collect your bags, include your pickup instructions, and indicate how many bags of recycling you have.

Cash-out or Donate

After the driver has collected and counted your recycling, we send you a breakdown of everything counted, followed by an e-Transfer within 48 hours. Customers have the choice to keep the money or donate it to one of 200 charities, nonprofits, schools, churches or sports teams.

What ReCollect Offers

Residential Recycling

Residential customers can automate recycling pickups and set a frequency that fits their schedule. From pickup to processing, to when your account is credited, the customer receives in-app updates that keep them informed on the status of their pickup.

Commercial Recycling

Business owners can manage their recycling pickups seamlessly by managing and scheduling multiple business locations within the same account.

Unit Recycling

ReCollect provides an easy and convenient recycling service for all types of units by offering solutions to organizing high-volume pickups. Whether it is the installation of bins for residents to place their bags of recycling in or multiple pickups throughout the week, you can simplify the process all in one place.


Put your fundraising into autopilot using ReCollect to collect, count, and transfer your organization the money! Put your organization in front of over 12,000 residential and commercial customers who have already donated over $20,000 to the organizations listed on our app. Utilize ReCollect’s free growth plan tasks to help gain traction online and attract potential donors.

Bottle Drives

Effortlessly organize bottle drives for your organization for a preferred day and time. A dedicated driver will arrive with an empty truck to pick up higher volumes of bags.

Technological Solutions

ReCollect does not just provide a convenient service to over 12,000 customers; we also utilize technology to streamline the recycling process.

Tech on the Road

One of the ways is to reduce drive time through algorithms and route clustering. With increased efficiency, customers are serviced faster, allowing the driver to make more stops in a day.

The ReCollect app also makes use of machine learning to adjust driver routes day after day. By analyzing traffic density on roads and which intersections cause delays, our app can make adjustments to avoid longer drive times.

We also employ automated text messages and emails to ensure better communication between the driver and the customer. Text messages notify the customer that the driver is on their way, and the emails confirming scheduled pickups prevent wait times at each location.


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