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What is Web Development?

Web development is the task of creating, building, and maintaining web applications or websites that run on a browser. However, web development is not only limited to these aspects like web design, web programming, and database management are also essential to this concept as well. Tools that are in a web developer’s arsenal include code such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, which are used as a platform for the host. The code is used to program the site.

Web development can be broken down further, as developers can either be front-end, which manages the client-facing side of web development, which is what the users will interact with, or back-end developers, which ensures the site remains functional, fast and manages the databases and overall data on the webserver. Or maybe, you get a full-stack developer, which can do both jobs in one.

Key Developments In Web Development

1989-Tim Berners-Lee created the world’s very first web browser, coined the WorldWide Web.

1991-Tim Berners-Lee and his team created the Line Mode Browser, which was the second browser made for the WorldWideWeb.

1991-Tim Berners-Lee compiled the first index of websites called the WWW Virtual Library.

1991-Tim Berners-Lee created the first website, and with it, the rest began to flourish as new codes other than basic HTML were developed and by the time 1995 rolled around, we had images on the web, search engines like Yahoo, videos, and more. Without Tim Berners-Lee starting this process, we would not have the advancements in web development that we enjoy today.

Types Of Web Development


This is an online shopping website where your customers can go to purchase the products or services from a company. A high-performing page makes it easy to browse, categorize, feature unique sales and make purchases.

Homepages (Pamphlet)

Think of the homepage as your brochure to your website. It is that main hub and is the online face of your brand while being one of the best assistants as it guides customers to different areas of your site so you can get the conversions you need.


This can either be a standalone or a part of your website, but this is where your articles, photos and videos go that establish yourself as a thought-leader in your industry by offering your organization’s perspective on key issues that are currently shaping the landscape.


Professionals create these sites to showcase their best work, which can be ideal for writers, videographers, designers and more to put their best foot forward.


These websites have articles, photos and videos that inform and educate the audience. Although magazines used to be printed, the digital format has become the new trend with companies such as Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, Food Network and more.

How Does Web Development Help My Business?

How web development can help your business is self-explanatory. With an excellent website or web application, your online supermarket is attractive and always open for your customers to window shop and, most importantly, purchase your products. Considering the advancements of digital technology, having this online supermarket is an essential aspect of developing your business and relationships with your clientele. This is just one of the many essential tactics your business needs to be successful, and either improving what you have in place or creating something new will help you get ahead of your competitors.

How Does LT3 ATG Implement Web Development?

Implementation is highly dependent on what you need as a customer. If you are looking for a website to enhance the look and feel of your brand while attracting consumers to your website, or you are looking into building a web application to add to an already strong website, we can assist you in making that a reality. With a development team that specializes in website and web application development, we have the knowledge to help your project take flight. Book your consultation today, and let’s get started!

Web Development

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