Visual representation of Systems Integration
Systems Integration

Visual representation of Infrastructure Services
Infrastructure Services

Visual representation of Data Model Design
Data Model Design

Visual representation of Managed IT Services
Managed IT Services

Visual representation of Business Process Services
Business Process Services

What Is Tech Consulting?

Technology is essential in today’s market, and most projects cannot be completed without using it in some capacity. There are very few things your modern business does without the assistance of software or smart devices. Depending on the size of your company, you might experience challenges with your technology not adapting to your business or growing with it.

This is where consulting comes into play. These consultants provide you with a unique, objective, and expert approach to technology to see where you can improve and leverage that into the further success of your business and its ventures.

The History Of Consulting

There is no exact starting point of when consulting started as the concept of consulting can be traced back to ancient times, but modern consulting started in the 19th century. The need for expertise in organizing people, processes, machinery, and technology grew as businesses grew larger. This gave rise to management consulting firms. The demand for more efficient operations evolved with these firms. From there, challenges faced in the second industrial revolution made companies look into how they could continue to grow their business while adding to their profits. Operations and IT consulting firms started in the 1980s, while digital and technological consulting also emerged around that time. However, digital and technological consulting began to truly take off in the 21st century as technology continued to become more advanced.

The Types Of Tech Consulting

Systems Integration

Sometimes, organizations have multiple disparate systems that are disconnected, which leads to siloed work amongst divisions and greater inefficiency. The ultimate goal is to always deliver seamless services from the core systems of your business all the way to the customer-facing technology you have at your disposal. To do that, sometimes you need a consultant to assess these systems to bring them and your technologies together for your business and your customer base.

Infrastructure Services

Internal business practices and the infrastructure do not always run as efficiently as you would like. The goal of these services is to ensure your operations, and ultimately your performance is optimized to achieve your technological goals.

Data Model Design

This process creates a visual representation of your whole information system or the parts of it you need to see to communicate connections between data points and structures effortlessly.

Managed IT Services

You always want to deliver value in your IT chain with agility and scalability for your consumers. However, at times, you will need a helping hand to enhance the user experience, connect the back-end and front-end systems, optimize the department, reduce your overhead and assist in security/privacy issues.

Business Process Services

Businesses should always be streamlined. Sometimes, it takes a third party to see what processes and operations can be automated using their industry expertise in conjunction with data insights into your business to deliver a superior product to your consumers.

How Does Tech Consulting Help My Business?

Although you are incredible experts in your industry, you might not have all the answers regarding technological fits for your business. Finding these answers, although not impossible internally, can be found easier through a third-party lens that is not hindered by the bureaucratic red tape that every organization has.

How Does LT3 ATG Implement Consulting?

At LT3 ATG, we strive to help you fill in those gaps when it comes to how to best use the technology and software you have available. And advise if you need new technology in your space to add a higher level of execution to your business whether that be in app development, software development, artificial intelligence, brand development, or the other spaces we have listed.

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