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For The Build And Beyond

Since 1927, award winning Trotter & Morton has built a reputation for being a top caliber player in the construction industry. Trotter & Morton began their journey facilitating plumbing and heating contracts and has since expanded their services to encompass all stages of the construction and maintenance lifecycle. From providing revolutionary construction techniques working on the Calgary Tower, to building hospitals and pipelines; Trotter & Morton has and continues to leave an impression on skylines and infrastructure that make our communities so special.

Commercial Projects

Commercial contracts with Trotter & Morton are completed by either Trotter & Morton Building Technologies or Bow River Paving. Trotter & Morton Building Technologies specializes in commercial, institutional, healthcare, and municipal construction, and Bow River Paving is dedicated to commercial and residential asphalt. With a focus on Alberta and British Columbia, Trotter & Morton has worked projects like the Telus Sky building, Vancouver General Hospital, and the Calgary International Airport.

Industrial Projects

Industrial projects with Trotter & Morton encompass the mechanical, electrical and maintenance needs for industrial, oil and gas, energy, municipal water, wastewater infrastructure, and mining industries. They have worked on projects like the Bonnybrook Waste Water Treatment Plant, Evergreen Line Rapid Transit, and the Northern Courier Pipeline.

Facility Services

In addition to the construction of various commercial and industrial projects, Trotter & Morton also has the capacity to maintain and service them.

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